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Microbial Water Management

Aqua Alarm's end-to-end solution encompasses our sensor network and actionable data insights which assist water utilities with optimizing their water treatment and distribution protocols to better  manage their water quality and keep costs to a minimum.


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Currently, drinking water quality is checked by random manual sampling followed by lab tests

Labour Intensive
Time Intensive
Environmentally Unfriendly
Insufficient Information on Water Network Performance

There is a lack of online monitoring and integrated data analytics for microbial water quality management

People at Risk of Disease and Death
Significant Increase in Water Utilities' Operational Costs and Regulatory Penalties
Public's Declining Trust in Tap Water
Water Networks Vulnerable to Cyber-Physical Attacks
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Water quality monitoring in real time has never been easier

Novel Sensing Technology

Fully-automated, affordable, easy to install, and reagent-free sensor that measures microbial water quality continuously in real-time.
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Unique Autosampler


Flexibility in design, simple operation, and reliable sampling to uncover microbial failure fingerprints and offer real -time anomaly detection and characterization.

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Advanced Data Analytics

Physics-based data-driven models, optimization techniques, and cloud computing to discover deeper insights, make predictions, and generate actionable 


Practical & Intuitive Dashboard

Simple yet informative dashboard delivering streamlined information to stakeholders and field crews.

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Customer Journey
Aqua Alarms Solution Delivery

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Our vision

Our vision is bold, yet simple:

Provision of pure, safe, and healthful drinking water for all

Our story

Our deeptech startup is rooted in years of rigorous university research & development in Norway. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience on risk management and near-real-time control from more advanced industries into the water sector. Our aim is to accelerate and help water utilities in the transition to automated smart solutions for water quality management. We have a multi-disciplinary team and partners of specialists, scientists, and engineers who are working on our hardware and software solutions to make this happen.


Our technology

Our IOT-enabled smart software solutions generate transparent and actionable information in near-real-time for water utility operators. This enables them to make sustainable and robust operational and tactical decisions with confidence.

The United Nations set out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aqua Alarm’s mission and our solutions will contribute into 7 of these goals.


Our Business Model

No Capex

Tiered-based annual subscription

We work with you to deliver customised solutions:

Business problem understanding

Obtain results & realise the benefits

Water network assessment



Formulate a customised solution



Abstract Water

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Our Team


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